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Student wellbeing is integral to academic and personal development and is therefore central to everything we do. Our vision is for all students to feel safe, respected and supported throughout their school journey. By fostering physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing we focus on the student as a whole and invest in their long-term development.

Student Wellbeing Vision

Our Student Wellbeing Vision outlines how the College actively promotes Wellbeing to improve learning and life outcomes for our students. The Vision is the result of extensive collaboration between staff and students and aims to help every student realise their unique potential through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. 


It is in relationship with God and others in the school community that young people are enabled to discover who they are, where they come from and what their destiny can be.

CEM 2017, Horizons of Hope: Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

The Vision identifies four key elements of Wellbeing – Pastoral Care, Community Engagement, Child Safety, and Student Voice and Agency. Each of these areas outlines how we Enable, Learn, Engage, and Connect with these elements through structures, policies and education. 

The Wellbeing Vision is inspired by ‘Horizons of Hope’ and ‘Excel – Wellbeing for learning’ and identifies four key elements – Pastoral Care, Community Engagement, Child Safety and Student Voice and Agency. Using language common to these documents, we help our students to ‘Enable, Connect, Engage and Learn’ with their individual wellbeing. At John Paul College we have a “commitment to ensure every member of our community is empowered to achieve success, act with integrity and contribute to the common good – Christian discipleship for a just world.” 

By embedding these four elements and explicitly teaching wellbeing we realise the mission of our College.

Health & Wellbeing Centre

Our Health & Wellbeing Centre supports the physical and mental health of our students with well-equipped facilities and qualified healthcare professionals. 

Our Wellbeing team consists of our Registered College Nurse, Psychologists and Counsellors. 

Counselling Services 

Adolescence is a time of intense social and emotional development. At times students may need professional support to help them navigate challenges and develop the skills they need to live fulfilling lives. As part of our commitment to pastoral care we provide counselling services for students to support them in times of difficulty. Students may receive counselling and interventions for issues such as depression, anxiety, peer relationships, grief and loss, learning difficulties, behaviour management, family issues, study skills, school refusal, bullying, and stress. 

Counselling professionals provide students with information and strategies that foster resilience and self-regulation, empowering them on their school journey. We encourage students and parents to be proactive in reaching out for help and accessing this wonderful service.  

College Nurse

Our Health & Wellbeing Centre is attended full-time by an experienced Registered Nurse. The College Nurse provides care to students and staff who require first aid, basic medical assistance and holistic welfare during school hours.

The College Nurse is a member of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee and is located in the Student Services Office. In addition to our nurse, we have approximately 80 staff members trained in Level 2 First Aid.

Please refer to the College's Policy page to access policies on Medical Management, Medication and Anaphylaxis. 

College Nurse Contact Details:
T 03 9784 0303.   E