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House connections play a significant role in our students’ journey, providing them with a sense of belonging, empowerment, and community.

Each of the College's four Houses are named after important figures in John Paul College’s history. Chaminade, D’Houet, Olsen and Turner House represent the Charisms of Perseverance, Courage, Generosity and Community.

The Houses are led by two Middle School captains and two Senior School captains. These leadership opportunities enable students to grow in confidence and represent their peers, ensuring House activities are student-driven. 

Promoting friendly rivalry and House spirit, students represent their Houses in sporting contests, performances, fundraising efforts, house assemblies and community events. These events motivate students to work hard and strengthen bonds between students of all year levels. 

Chaminade House is named in honour of Father William Joseph Chaminade. Father Chaminade was a Catholic priest who survived the political turmoil and religious persecution of the French Revolution. Despite all odds, Father Chaminade restored hope, faith and spirituality by bringing Catholic life back to France by founding the Society of Mary (Marianists). Marianist Boys’ College (established in 1973) preceded John Paul College. The symbol of Chaminade House is the Marianist symbol, an M and cross, representing Mary at the cross. 

The Charism of Chaminade House is Perseverance. We strive to develop this attribute by encouraging each student to do their best and not give up even when obstacles arise. Like our namesake, we rise above challenges together, supporting each other to succeed. The Chaminade Centre for Learning and Teaching was named in honour of Father William Joseph Chaminade.  

D’Houet House is named after Madeleine D’Houet, the founder of the Faithful Companions of Jesus.  

The symbol of D’Houet House is an anchor, an ancient Christian symbol of hope. It was also the crest used for Stella Maris Girls’ College, which was established by the Faithful Companions of Jesus and which preceded John Paul College. The Charism of D’Houet House is Courage. We embody this virtue by giving our best effort at sporting carnivals, supporting fundraisers, and encouraging everyone to contribute their talents to bettering our College community.

Olsen House is dedicated to OJ Olsen, whose generous financial contributions enabled the establishment of John Paul College. 

The symbol of Olsen House is a dolphin, representing our home of Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. 

The Charism of Olsen House is Generosity. We exemplify this Charism by generously giving our time and abilities to participate in events such as fundraisers and sports carnivals as well as informally in our daily interactions with others. 

Turner House is named after Mary Turner, one of the founders of John Paul College. Mary Turner’s financial contributions enabled the purchase of the land on which our College stands. Thanks to her generous donation and passion for education, John Paul College has become a light in our wider community. 

Turner House’s symbol of the Papal keys signifies that the College community is held within the faith tradition of the Catholic Church. The Charism of Turner House is Community. Our community spirit is evident through our efforts to give back, through fundraising and community service and our active participation in College events that bring us together.