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At John Paul College we provide our students with a well-rounded education that incorporates both academic learning and personal development.

We believe education should be holistic, fostering both intellectual and emotional growth.  Understanding that every child is unique, our approach puts students at the centre of their learning. Building on foundational knowledge and skills, students are encouraged to explore and discover their personal strengths and interests. A diverse and rich curriculum is provided at all year levels to ensure interests, talents and aspirations are catered for and nurtured. 

Our curriculum is evidence-based, with a balance of foundational and specialist subjects. Our aim is to ensure that each child’s interests, talents and aspirations are nurtured throughout their school journey, leading them to a life of purpose after school.

For detailed information about our curriculum for Years 7-12, please see the 2024 Curriculum Handbook below. 

Learning & Teaching Vision


John Paul College is proud to have a vision for Learning and Teaching. This innovative document presents our aim and purpose for Learning as a College, from Years 7 - Year 12.

Our vision for Learning was created through staff, student, and parent feedback.  The vision created supports our teachers and students to work with a unified set of values and beliefs which will drive the development of improving student outcomes and the learning experience for all our students.  

The Vision is organised around three elements for learning: Knowledge, Capabilities and Self.  

These elements describe the key behaviours and skills that our students will develop both in and out of the classroom to become successful learners.  The three Elements combine to highlight the importance of a holistic education for students at John Paul College. 

Academic Extension 

The College provides a comprehensive range of enrichment programs and opportunities to expand their abilities through extension. These programs challenge students and help them achieve their goals through academic challenges, enrichment projects, and inter-school competitions.

In Years 7 and 8 students are selected to take part in the Gifted and Talented Enrichment program based on their PAT test results, Scholarship Testing (Year 7 students) as well as teacher recommendations. This program will work with students to develop their problem solving and creative skills as well as personal and social capabilities through inquiry programs. Students are expected to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities that suit their strengths and learning goals.

The Gifted and Talented teacher ensures an extension program is developed, to allow students to explore their interest through an enrichment project and selection into external academic competitions. 



Learning Diversity 

The Stewart Centre for Individual Learning provides support services for students in our community to access age and stage appropriate learning and wellbeing activities at John Paul College. We recognise that diversity encompasses all learners across cultural, academic, social emotional and physical attributes and that an inclusive education caters for, and supports, students of all abilities.

Stewart Centre staff recognise, accept and appreciate students who require extra one-on-one support and have their own particular learning needs, which can range from intellectual, social and emotional to motivational, time management and organisational. 

Literacy, Numeracy, Social Skills and Organisation Skills programs are offered, to empower all students to flourish, equipping them with the essential skills necessary to engage confidently with the world beyond John Paul College