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Pastoral Care is a framework of support for our students from Years 7 to 12. It has a dual foundation of relationships and learning and is integral to the Wellbeing of each child. 

Through Pastoral Care, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to grow under the mentorship of caring teachers. These teachers develop strong relationships over time and support students to develop their individual identity and reach their goals. 

Your child will belong to a Pastoral Care Group with an assigned Pastoral Care Teacher. The group meets for 15 minutes each morning for daily communication and prayer. The morning sessions provide an opportunity for students to develop relationships with their peers and connect with their teacher, who is their first point of contact for questions and concerns. 

Pastoral Care groups also meet regularly for 50 minute sessions where carefully designed curriculum is delivered on topics ranging from social skills, mental health, study skills, cyber safety, and driver education. These classes allow students to develop important life skills in addition to their academic curriculum. 



Restorative Practice

Our approach to conflict resolution is grounded in restorative practice. Rather than immediately taking punitive measures, we engage in open dialogue with students to help them understand the impact of their actions and work with them to repair relationships and improve social skills. This approach honours the voice and agency of the student and helps students become mature, respectful young adults capable of open communication, self-reflection, and personal accountability. 

Respectful Relationships

The Australian Government’s Respectful Relationships program aims to promote respectful attitudes and behaviours in our young people to prevent issues such as gender-based violence when they become adults. As active participants in this program we are promoting a culture of respect within our College community by starting conversations about what is and isn’t okay, standing up for ourselves and others, consent, and social media use.