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Beyond the Classroom

Year 9 MUSE City Experience Program!

21 June 2024

Our Year 9 students had an incredible week last week, exploring the streets of Melbourne CBD as part of their MUSE City Experience Program!

MUSE is all about broadening our students' learning horizons and providing them with an opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the magnificent city of Melbourne. Throughout MUSE, our students immersed themselves in the city's rich history, culture, and landmarks.

Check out these snapshots from their journey, capturing the excitement, curiosity, and joy of MUSE!

On the MUSE program, my groups hypothesis was ‘Melbourne has a lot of fun things for young people to do’. This included going to Pancake Parlour for breakfast, going to Skydeck and the Queen Victoria Market. I enjoyed getting on the train every morning, talking about what people in other groups have been doing previous days and recommending shops for people to go to. I really enjoyed myself on MUSE gaining new skills such as better planning skills and better listening skills.

Year 9

MUSE has got to be one of the best school experiences of my life. Getting the opportunity to explore the Melbourne CBD with my friends whilst learning how to use public transport and how to navigate the CBD. My group went to places like the Albert Park - Formula 1 circuit and Queen Victoria Market. We got to try new foods and I think thanks to our school food stores doubled their profit. In conclusion MUSE was such an awesome experience and I hope future year levels enjoy it as much as we did.

Year 9