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Changing Career Direction and Finding Passion in Teaching

21 March 2024

Troy Steel, Business and Humanities Teacher

Troy has become an invaluable addition to John Paul College, bringing his passion for teaching to the forefront. Troy Steel has been his own boss for the past 25 years, whether through entrepreneurship, contracting, or consulting. It was during the COVID pandemic that Troy discovered his true passion: teaching. Spending time with his children, assisting them with their studies, ignited a desire to pursue a new path. Thus, he made the decision to embark on a journey to obtain a Masters of Teaching degree. Teaching has become Troy's most fulfilling endeavour, where he feels a deep sense of purpose and joy. He aspires to positively impact his students and believes that his real-world experiences can enrich their learning journey.

" For the past 25 years, I worked for myself as a business owner, contractor and consultant. I began my career being involved in direct-to-consumer trade shows (such as Home Shows, Caravan & Camping Shows, Food & Wine Shows etc.). I worked in this industry for over 10 years. 

In the beginning it was just me, but over time I developed it into having sales teams working for me at shows all over Australia and New Zealand. This led me as a natural progression to becoming an importer of different types of products, not only for myself but for other companies as well. Companies would approach me with an idea, concept or product that they would like manufactured or imported and I would work with them from invention to having it stocked on retail shelves or promoted at consumer shows. 

Importing and assisting other companies involved strategic sourcing, negotiating, good communication, conflict and dispute resolution all of which really helped me develop business and management skills over time. While working at trade shows and importing I attained my first degree in Business (majoring in Accounting, Business Strategy/Business Management), which assisted me in starting business consulting, which involved improving businesses efficiency, productivity, distribution and sales.  

I then moved into exporting products to the South Pacific.  In this business I provided basically any product Hotels and Resorts in the Pacific Islands needed to operate.  From commercial machinery (kitchen, laundry etc.), to recreational equipment (catamarans, kayaks, surf boards, snorkelling equipment etc.), food and beverage, consumables such as shampoo, conditioner and even toilet paper.

I hope to make a positive difference in the students I teach and can bring in real world experience to the classroom which I hope the students can relate to.

Troy Steel

It was during COVID that I found my passion and love for teaching.  Opposite to many, I really loved sitting down at the table with my children helping them with their schoolwork and it was at this time I decided to return to study and begin my Master of Teaching.  

I completed my Master of Teaching at Australian Catholic University (ACU), which was a comprehensive program spanning two years. Presently, I am engaged in teaching a range of subjects at the College including VCE VET Business, Business Management, and Year 8 Humanities. Additionally, I have previously taught Year 11 Legal Studies, and I am equipped to teach accounting as well. 

My decision to join JPC stemmed from a combination of factors. Being a local resident, I was drawn to the school's reputation for excellence in education and the positive feedback I had received about its staff and academic programs. Moreover, the emphasis placed on professional development opportunities for both educators and students further solidified my choice. 

What I find most rewarding about my experience of working at JPC is the sense of community. The school environment feels akin to a close-knit family, where everyone is genuinely supportive and collaborative. This communal spirit fosters an atmosphere of continuous growth and learning, which I deeply appreciate and thoroughly enjoy being a part of. It is the most rewarding occupation and I really have found my passion and truly love it. 

I hope to make a positive difference in the students I teach and can bring in real world experience to the classroom which I hope the students can relate to."

Troy Steel, Business and Humanities Teacher