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Beyond the Classroom

St. Patrick's Day Mass

27 March 2024

On Friday 15 March, a group of senior students accompanied by the Deputy Principal of Wellbeing and the Director of Faith and Mission, attended the St. Patrick's Day Mass hosted by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools.

St. Patrick's Cathedral was filled with students from Catholic schools across Melbourne, making it a truly remarkable celebration. This event was a fitting conclusion to Catholic Education Week and served as a reminder that JPC is an integral part of the broader Catholic community.

The St. Patrick's Mass was amazing to be able to participate in. It was really awesome to experience a formal Mass in a beautiful cathedral with amazing music from the choir singers throughout. It was a great celebration for Catholic Education week as well, of which students from different schools came up to read their own prayers. There were Catholic schools from across Victoria there, some of which were celebrating milestones, and others just visiting. As it was also a St. Patrick's Mass, they included bagpipes to celebrate at the beginning of the mass, as well as a blessing to St. Patrick during the service.

Olivia Watson
Year 11 Student

This week a group of year 11 and 12 students got to visit the St Patrick’s Day Mass, which was an enlightening experience that I got to be apart of. We learnt life lessons from students of other colleges, with their experiences of Christianity being told to us. It was a lot of fun, with the mass being very spiritually enlightening. Being able to experience this with others created a sense of bondage even though I spoke to only a few of the other people there, it felt like a connection even though we didn’t interact. A great day to spend with friends. For the day, we went to the St Patrick’s Day Mass, and after we went to a conference where students who went to meet the pope would talk about their experiences. It was a great day where we got to experience a large mass and meet other schools.

Anna and Henry
Year 11 Students