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Beyond the Classroom

Cultural Appreciation

21 March 2024

This term we celebrated the cultural diversity in our College community.

We had a group of Year 10 students attend the Multicultural Youth Conference hosted by Endevour Youth, we had our Multicultural afternoon at St. John's Primary school and we celebrated Harmony week within the pastoral program, inviting students to wear a bracelet, badge, necklace or earring that represented their cultural ethnicity. During this week our staff ate and shared their cultural stories and favourite dishes during a multicultural morning tea. 

These event were actioned through our ICUP grant and goal to Celebrate our joint Cultural Diversity and build inclusivity. They encompass the Catholic Schools vision and mission to Embrace difference and diversity.

 Gayle Timmer - Learning Diversity Teacher and Cultural Liaison

Cultural Celebration event 

On Tuesday 5 March, St. John's Primary School and John Paul College came together for an afternoon of cultural celebration. Student leaders from both schools collaborated to share their cultural stories through artefacts, food, maps, discussion and knowledge. This gathering was made possible by our ICUP grant, aimed at celebrating our collective cultural diversity and fostering inclusivity between the schools. The event left students inspired to carry on such gatherings in the times ahead.

Harmony Week

In celebration of Harmony Week, our College organised a Cultural Celebration Morning Tea on Wednesday 20 March, for our staff. Each member contributed a dish reflecting their cultural background, fostering vibrant conversations about heritage and traditions. The event radiated with a spirit of acceptance, diversity, and unity, creating a delightful atmosphere. Additionally, staff adorned themselves with shades of orange and orange ribbons as a symbol of solidarity and support. Harmony Week epitomises our shared values of diversity, inclusivity, respect, and belonging.

Throughout Harmony Week students were encouraged to wear an accessory on their school uniform that symbolises their cultural identity and ethnicity. 

JPC takes great pride in the multiculturalism within our community. 🧡