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Compost Program

26 March 2024

At John Paul College, we hold the belief that each individual has a part to contribute to Climate Action and the reduction of emissions. Schools, in particular, bear a responsibility as they are tasked with cultivating the leaders and influencers of tomorrow.

A significant source of emissions stems from the disposal of food waste in landfills. By diminishing the quantity of food waste sent to landfills, we can effectively mitigate emissions.

To address this, John Paul College has started a Compost Program, a collaborative effort involving the Food & Technology team, Maintenance team, and the Student Sustainability team.

As a part of the program, the College has invested in three Maze 245L Premium Twin Compost installed near the JPC Maintenance Shed. All food scraps from the Food & Technology department will be composted under this program.

The compost generated will then be used for gardening purposes by the Maintenance team. We are also looking into using the compost generated for veggie patches in the future. Students from the College's sustainability team, along with Food Technology assistants, gather food scraps and green materials like fruit and vegetable leftovers, and deposit these items into the compost bins. 

Subsequently, our Maintenance and Facilities team add dry mulch material, plant cuttings, old flowers, and various weeds to the compost bins to allow the natural decomposition to begin.

We extend our gratitude to all those involved in this initiative and hope it empowers them to create the impact they aspire for!

Climate Action cannot wait until tomorrow

Srey Mitra