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Learning and Teaching

Come along to the JPC After School Study Program

25 March 2024

The John Paul College, After School Study Program helps students with their study and homework needs, four afternoons a week during Term time. Experienced tutors, are on hand each week to assist with assignments, enhance organisational skills, and provide general study guidance. 

The program is located in the Resource Centre, Monday to Thursday 3.00pm – 4.30pm. 

The program follows a self-directed approach, where academic Tutors interact with students individually or in small groups for collaborative learning sessions. 

Tutors are high-achieving former students, who have recently graduated from John Paul College, bringing a wealth of firsthand experience and knowledge to the program. Their familiarity with the school's curriculum and teaching methods enables them to offer tailored support and guidance.

Afternoon snacks and drinks are also provided to students. 

We have taken on three new Tutors this year, and I would like to welcome them to our program – Arielle Denyer, Nick Meijer, and Jess Vajdic. Our continuing Tutors include Talisha Bright, Chloe Conford, Gab Gallego, Mercy Joseph, Amelia Plese, Shania Prasad, Cam Puls, Isabella Skaliaris, Chris Solomon, and Gemma Sperandio. Most afternoons we are able to support, English, Maths, Humanities and Science plus a range of specialised subject areas. I encourage any student, looking to gain some assistance with their studies to come along one afternoon.

Madeleine Viner
Study Program Coordinator