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Celebrating a Semester of Hard Work and Achievement in Senior School

19 June 2024

It has been a very busy but rewarding Semester in the Senior School. There have been so many achievements across Years 10-12 and we are very proud of the efforts of students.  

In particular we are thrilled to acknowledge the efforts of our Year 10 and VCE Unit 1 students who recently completed their exams with dedication and diligence. Leading up to the assessments many students were preparing thoroughly to showcase their knowledge and skills. Their hard work was evident during the exam period, where they exhibited commendable behaviour and focused attentiveness for the duration of the exams. We extend our thanks to all students for their perseverance and determination throughout this period. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and we are proud of each and every one of you for rising to the challenge.

Additionally, I’d like to recognise our Year 12 VCE students, who successfully wrapped up Unit 3 and will now embark on Unit 4. Students also completed the General Achievement Test (GAT) on June 18th. This milestone marks a significant moment in the Year 12 year, and brings them one step closer to the end of their secondary schooling journey.

As we reflect on these achievements, it’s crucial to highlight the role of a growth mindset in fostering success. Encouraging students to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth can significantly impact their learning journey.

Tom Senior
Head of Senior School Learning

Parents can support this mindset by providing positive reinforcement, encouraging perseverance in the face of setbacks, and praising efforts rather than just outcomes. As the Semester 1 reports are released, I encourage you to celebrate the efforts of your child while also acknowledging the areas for improvement and opportunities for growth in Semester 2.



Let's continue to foster a supportive environment where every student feels empowered to strive for their personal best. Congratulations once again to all our students for their hard work and dedication. Together, we celebrate your achievements and look forward to your continued success in the future.

Tom Senior – Head of Senior School - Learning