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Catholic school families miss out on Government Saving Bonus

20 May 2024

In recent days the Allan Labor Government announced a $400 School Saving Bonus for all school students in government schools regardless of income, but only for Health Care Card holders in Catholic schools.

This is deeply unfair.

We believe the payment should be means tested for all students or apply to all students.

It should not be based on which school you attend.

This policy punishes families for choosing to send their children to a Catholic school. There are many families who are in need of this financial assistance at John Paul College and they deserve the support as much as a family with a student in a government school.

Our school, John Paul College and the peak body, the Victorian Catholic Education Authority, are working hard to oppose this policy and we need your help.

We need to show the Victorian Government that punishing families who choose a Catholic school is unacceptable.

Please consider contacting your local Member of Parliament to express your concern.

Our school’s local MP is Paul Edbrooke and they can be contacted by calling (03) 9783 9822 or by emailing

Template letters are available to assist you with making your voice heard. Attach or link to templates

Thank you for your time in reading this and for advocating for your family and our school.

John Visentin