FIRE Carrier program


My invitation to everyone is that in your everyday power, in your work place with your regular authority, with your everyday resources, turn your mind occasionally to what you can do, for the benefit of all Aboriginal people.
Prof Michael McDaniel, Wiradjuri Man


JPC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Dillybag


In 2020 students and staff from the Family School Partnerships Bunurong Schools (FSPBS) cluster, including John Paul College, were commissioned by the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry to become FIRE Carrier leaders in a ceremony held virtually.

The FIRE Carrier Program, co-ordinated by The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry (ACM) staff members Vicki Clark ( Mutthi Mutthi/Wemba Wamba) and Sherry Balcombe promotes reconciliation in Victorian Schools. The ACM also support Aboriginal families who are making a choice for a Catholic education for their children through their Opening the Doors Foundation. FIRE Carrier leaders are required to develop a Reconciliation Covenant (a Reconciliation Action Plan) and are committed to promoting Reconciliation within and outside their school. Fire is at the heart of Aboriginal culture and stands for  Friends  Igniting  Reconciliation through  Education.



Our Cluster Commitment

The Family School Partnerships Bunurong Cluster of schools acknowledges that our schools are located on the sacred land of the Bunurong / Boonwurrung people of the Kulin Nation.  

‘We recognise the special place and culture of Aboriginal peoples within Australia. We acknowledge that Aboriginal peoples have been the caretakers of this land for more than 60,000 years. We respect their spiritual connection to Mother Earth through the Dreaming. We understand that practical measures need to address the disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal people in education, health, employment, and general opportunity.’ 

As a community of schools, we will continually strive for Reconciliation of our nation through the lens of the three core values of the Fire Carrier program; Spirituality, Practical Reconciliation and Justice, and Cultural Recognition and Awareness.  

We will strive to ignite a deeper awareness, respect and understanding of our First Nations People. We will do this by educating our school community and broader community in our shared Aboriginal history, present issues and significant dates, and future hopes.  

Our 2021 Fire Carrier Leaders are:

Year 7: Evie, Chelsea, Max, Jessica, Christine, Eve, Danielle and Chloe
Year 9: Lizzy
Year 10: Kiarnah, Isabella, Emmanuel and Shevan
Year 11: Kiera, Ethan and Thom
Year 12: Ruairi



We withhold a shared commitment to: 

  • Maintaining the Fire Carrier (FC) program as a cluster and as individual schools  
  • Sharing our relevant “Dillybag” resources 
  • Ensuring the motto ‘Once a Fire Carrier, Always a Fire Carrier’ is honoured by encouraging FC students to continue their role when transitioning to another FSP BS cluster school  
  • Upholding the FC core values of Spirituality, Cultural Recognition and Awareness, and Cultural Reconciliation and Justice through our actions. 

FIRE Carrier Staff


   Gayle Timmer



   Craig Judkins


   Giulia Formato




   Lauren Moore



    Heidi Colombani



   Keona Donald




   Christi Kane



   Kym Powell


   Sophie Phillips





At JPC we acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first Australians. We recognise the land on which we work is home to the Bunurong and  Boon Wurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to all Elders past, present & emerging.