Faith Community

Faith Community


Faith and Misson  

Kim Tedford, Director of Faith & Mission 

Christ as our Centre

The tradition and mission of John Paul College is found in the life and ministry of Jesus. It is a vision centered on the reign of God; the Good News that God is at work in our world, liberating and transforming all aspects of human existence and creation. The College strives to put into practice the message of the Gospels, in its structures, processes, programs and activities. This intent is clearly illustrated by the College’s motto “With Him is the Fullness of Life”.
The College name, and the traditions of our founding religious orders, the Faithful Companions of Jesus and the Marianists, provide witness to our Catholic faith. There is recognition of the important place of Mary, the mother of Jesus. She had a special place in the devotions of the popes, and the College’s founding religious societies. The College chapel is dedicated to her name, Our Lady, Help of Christians.
John Paul College offers parents, students and staff an opportunity to experience community life in a faith filled environment. Each student is invited to develop their personal faith and the meaning and value in life through sacramental celebration, prayer, liturgy, retreats and other religious celebrations. The College provides participation in the life of the Church and recognition of the need for a more just society.
The life of the faith community is a cooperative venture of each and every member of the College family.  The community is assisted by the Director of Faith and Mission, and College Chaplains.  The College Chaplains are appointed by the Archbishop from our region’s parish priests.
As a faith community, we welcome every student and family into our midst.

Church Mission

The College challenges our students to accept the call of the People of God to carry on the Church’s mission of:

• Service (especially to the marginalised of our society)
• Community formation
• Teaching and witness
• Worship and celebration

The students through their Social Justice and Liturgical involvement strive to put into practice the call of the Gospels.

Youth Ministry

John Paul College students have the opportunity to be leaders in our Youth Ministry Teams during their senior years. In joining the innovative national program of Youth Academy as a Religious Education elective, students deepen their skills and knowledge in the mission of the Church in education and beyond. This program works collaboratively with Australian Catholic University and Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia to deliver a program that equips our students to be genuine leaders in our world. 

The Youth Ministry Teams conduct retreats for years 7 and 8 as well as for our Parish Primary Schools grade 6 students preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. They speak at schools on issues of social justice particularly with reference to the Community Companion. Our team engages with the local and broader Church through Archdiocesan events and Catholic Education Melbourne. Many of our graduates have gone on to serve the local parishes through establishment of Youth Groups, volunteering and even establishment of charity organisations. 


Retreat programs are essential to the spiritual development of young people. John Paul College retreats promote connection, community, self-reflection, challenge, prayer and communion with God. Each retreat has a distinct theme that structures the program at each of the year levels. JPC Retreats provide an important moment in time for our students to pause and reflect on the place of God in their lives. 


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The John Paul College community promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children.