Thank yous and acknowledgments

This event would not have been possible without so many people, but I will do my best. First, I would like to thank the amazing staff that I work with in the Ngargee Building. They are some of the most amazing individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year. Without their patience, assistance, and determination, this entire project would not have been possible:

Learning Area Leader: Mark Barnett

Visual Communication Design: Emily Scott, Romy Gattuso, Malcolm Thompson

Studio Arts: Louise Leuluai, Romy Gattuso

Media: Mark Barnett, Tom Senior, Mitchell Bleeker

Drama/Theatre Studies: Stewart Sanderson-Young, Brie Looker

Music: Kevin Nguyen, Craig Judkins

Instrumental Music: Dave Tohill, Scott Ingram, Angela McLaren, Paul Harris

Secondly, I need to thank Giulia Formato and Samantha Byass who helped put together this website. These two have spent many hours helping me bounce ideas and remind me of things I may have forgot to do. They have helped expand upon the fledgling idea of “lets create a website” and have helped to create a place where we can come together to celebrate our students. This conveniently leads us to;

Our wonderful students! They have put up with so much heartbreak and so many challenges these past two years. They put up with the constant changes in format for Arts Week with half of them completing auditions for a concert that was cancelled overnight. The wonderful students created what we see here today and voluntarily submitted in performances and artwork. I hope that this website and these words can help convey just how proud I am of them all.

Finally, I want to thank you, the reader/viewers who have clicked through the website and engaged with the work and performances we have presented. Thank you for remembering the Arts and for your continued support of our school community. I now leave you with the immortal words of Kenny Omega that sound much better in real-life than over text.

“Goodbye *Mwuah* and Goodnight *bang*”

Thank you for everything.

Kevin Nguyen