Dedicated and named after Father William Joseph Chaminade, Chaminade House is a true reflection of our founder and charism of perseverance. Marianist Boys’ College preceded John Paul College and this symbol of Mary our Mother continues today to hold significance for John Paul College.

Father Chaminade was a Catholic priest who survived the political turmoil and religious persecution of the French Revolution. Despite all odds, Father Chaminade restored hope, faith and spirituality by bringing back catholic life to France by founding the Society of Mary (Marianists).

Perseverance is determined continuation and steady persistence in a course of action in spite of difficulties and obstacles faced. This is a virtue embraced and a legacy continued by all of the Chaminade community through its success, abilities and participation.

The emblem and symbol of Mary our Mother continues today to hold significance in the College's history. It was the emblem of the Marianist Boys’ College, established in 1973, and a school which preceded the current John Paul College.

Built upon perseverance Chaminade house continues to strive for the best in all aspects of the College. Our vision as a house community is to continue the Chaminade spirit of perseverance and dedication. We aim to encourage individuals to display their abilities and talents by partaking in every opportunity offered; to support and assist not only each other within the school community but also in the wider community to truly make a difference; and to ultimately challenge and encourage individuals to strive for their best.

Dennis Mitsianis

Middle House Coordinator

Karis Dalton

Senior House Coordinator

2023 Chaminade House Senior Leaders

Sarah and Nate

2023 Chaminade House Middle Leaders

Ellisia and Emily







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