Pastoral Care Program

Pastoral Care Program

John Paul College is committed to creating and maintaining an environment within which all members of the school community experience a sense of belonging, feel valued and cared for.

As a member of the college community your child will belong to a Pastoral Care Group (PCG) either in the Middle School (Years 7-9) or the Senior School (Years 10-12), under the guidance of both a Pastoral Care Teacher and a House Co-ordinator.

Your child will meet each morning in their PCG with their Pastoral Care Teacher and will be  involved in daily prayer and receiving school communication via the Daily Notes.

Your child will also be involved in our Pastoral Care Program, a 50 minute class each cycle aimed at fostering relationships and connection, personal development and skills to support life-long learning. Social and emotional skills are taught with increasing complexity as children develop into adulthood. 

We hope that all children and their families enjoy the journey they have at John Paul College.


Pastoral Care at JPC

John Paul College provides a nurturing environment, allowing students to develop into confident and mature individuals. The pastoral care program is based on a combination of horizontal year level based activities and vertical house based activities. The vertical house system allows for students to develop connectedness to a range of students across many year levels and helps create the sense of community within the school.

The aims of our pastoral program are:

Relationship & Connection

To foster student connectedness and belonging to the school community by nurturing strong interpersonal relationships between teachers, students and families, and by providing opportunities for students to feel part of a group that encourages cross age support, friendship, inclusivity and community involvement.

Personal Development

To provide opportunities for each student to mature as a unique, holistic individual equipped with the life skills, emotional resilience and confidence to develop their potential and share their gifts.

Life Long Learning

To support students as reflective lifelong learners through explicit teaching of goal setting, time management, establishing a homework routine and effective use of a daily planner, and by encouraging engagement, motivation, and the pursuit of excellence.


Respectful Relationships

Respectful Relationships is an initiative to support schools to promote and model respect and equality. Taking a whole-school approach is about embedding a culture of respect and  equality across an entire school community. This approach leads to positive impacts on students’ academic outcomes, mental health, classroom behaviour, and relationships between peers. In our Pastoral Care program, all students undertake aspects of the ‘Respectful Relationships’ education program as well as it being integrated across several Learning Areas and in our daily life here at school.


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The John Paul College community promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children.