Most young people manage adolescence without major difficulties, however, sometimes issues or problems arise when professional help may be beneficial.  As part of our commitment to pastoral care we provide a counselling service for students.  By offering such a resource we acknowledge the unique demands faced by each student and their family and the importance of supporting the development of the whole person.

Young people usually access the counselling services on a short-term basis. The counsellors offer interventions for issues such as depression, anxiety, peer relationships, grief and loss, learning difficulties, behaviour management, family issues, study skills, school refusal, bullying and stress. We aim to provide students with information and strategies to help them manage themselves and their school performance in the most effective way possible.

At John Paul College we promote help seeking behaviours as a proactive means of meeting life’s challenges so we encourage students to use the College counselling service.  Wherever possible, parental and carer involvement is sought and encouraged. Parents and carers are also encouraged to contact the service with any concerns they may have. In some situations it may be more beneficial for the parents/carers to meet with a counsellor to discuss how they can support their child, particularly when the student is reluctant to engage with counselling.

Privacy and confidentiality are of primary importance to this role. As counselling professionals, we are ethically and legally obliged to protect the privacy of our clients within the limits of safety. If you have any particular concerns in this regard, your questions are most welcome.


For more information about the service or to refer a student, please contact the College’s Wellbeing Coordinator and Counselling Psychologist, John Riddle 




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