The Arts Program

Welcome to the Arts 

John Paul College offers a contemporary, dynamic, vibrant Arts Program, which allows its students to excel in whichever facet of the arts sparks their passion. Involvement in the Arts at John Paul College allows students to develop their creativity, team-work and confidence in a supportive, challenging and engaging environment.

The Arts curriculum of John Paul College, delivered by a passionate team of staff sees students studying all areas of the Arts, including Music, Theatre Studies & Drama, Dance, Media, Visual Communication Design and Studio Arts.



Running parallel to the diverse Arts curriculum are the varied extra-curricular opportunities offered to cater to students with a passion for both the Performing and Visual Arts. These include:

The Full-Scale College Production – an annual event, held in our very own Ngargee Centre. This event allows students to participate as on-stage performers, as a part of the Backstage Crew, Sound and Lighting Crew, Make-up and Hair, Promotions and Front of House Teams.

The John Paul College Arts Night – The extravaganza concert evening, held in the Ngargee Centre which showcases the best and brightest of our Performing and Visual Arts students.

The Instrumental Music Program – Students are able to elect to learn a musical instrument of their choice from our contemporary instrumental music program. Instrumental music scholarships are available to Year 7 students upon enrolment. Instruments offered are: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drumkit.

The Senior and Junior Vocal Ensembles – Students with an interest in singing are encouraged to enter the Junior Vocal Ensemble at Year 7. At Year 9, students audition to enter the Senior Vocal Ensemble. Both of these talented groups perform frequently as a part of major College events including masses, assemblies and the College Arts Night.

The Theatre Sports Squad – Budding actors at John Paul College are encouraged to join the Theatre Sports Squad. The group works to develop their improvisation and performing skills with the aim of competing in the Southern Independent Schools Theatre Sports Competition.

Southern Independent Schools Art and Technology Exhibition – Advanced students at all year levels are invited to submit their artworks to the SIS Art and Technology exhibition, which takes place annually at Cube 37 in Frankston.

The Performing Arts Club – The Performing Arts Club organise excursions to professional shows throughout Melbourne. All students, staff and parents College-wide are invited to attend these events.

The House Music Competition – The four College houses prepare a musical performance for the House Music Competition, which takes place on MAD day. The advanced Music students take on a leadership role in the preparation for this great community event.

The Arts Student Committee – This dedicated group of students meets twice a term to discuss further developments of the Arts throughout the College. The committee is open to all students of all year levels.



The Ngargee Centre

The Ngargee Centre is a state-of-the-art complex, built in 2013 to house the Performing and Visual Arts of John Paul College. The complex consists of specialty teaching spaces, rehearsal and instrumental rooms, band rooms, design spaces, a dance studio, studio art spaces, MAC labs and a 180-seat theatrette. The Ngargee Centre sees students at Year 10 and VCE train in sound and lighting production in preparation for local VET courses. The John Paul College Production, Arts Night, VCE Performances and various other annual performance evenings take place in this fully-equipped facility. “Ngargee”, taken from the native Boonwurrung language, means ‘celebration’, ‘festival’ and ‘dance’. John Paul College will soon be adding to the Ngargee Centre with a fully-equipped Visual Arts wing.

"The Arts at John Paul College is an amazing thing. Any arts student will tell you that you can never use up all your creativity; the more you use, the more you have. At JPC we have a fantastic group of staff that cater for that growing creativity and have such passion for the field. It is a truly inspiring place to be and learn.”


"I can’t really describe it. Our Arts family, what we learn, what we do…it’s just beyond words. I couldn’t be more grateful for these opportunities."


"The Arts is home really. The people. The teachers. It’s just a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

Kevin Nguyen
Arts Coordinator