2021 VCE Highlights and Results

The John Paul College community commends all our students from the Class of 2021 for successfully completing their VCE and VCAL studies.  Our students showed great dedication and commitment during a difficult two years, we hope every student is content with their final year results and is looking forward to their journey after JPC. 

2021 DUX

The College is proud to announce our DUX for 2021, Jessica Bennetts. 

Jessica achieved an ATAR of 99.30, putting her in the top 1% of all Year 12 students in the country. Jessica achieved a study score of 47 in Chemistry and a study score of 43 in both Legal Studies and Mathematical Methods. This compliments her successes in 2020 where she achieved a study score of 49 in Biology and a 50 in Further Mathematics, for which she received a Premiers VCE Award. 

These incredible results open endless possibilities for the next chapter in Jessica's life. 

2021 VCE Results

  • Median ATAR score increased by 9.45%
  • 21.74% ATARs over 80, placing them in the top 20% in Australia. 
  • 7.25% ATARs over 90,  placing them in the top 10% in Australia. 
  • 4.35% ATARs over 95,  placing them in the top 5% in Australia. 
  • Highest ATAR - 99.30 (DUX)
  • Study Scores over 40 were achieved in 10 different subjects

Exceptionally high scores were achieved across multiple learning areas and subjects including Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Geography, History, Legal Studies, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education, Psychology and Studio Arts. 

The College is immensely proud of our students for not only achieving amazing results but weathering the storm over the past two years of their secondary education. We wish our students from Class of 2021 all the very best for the next exciting stage of their lives.