Congratulations to the Class of 2021!


The College would like to congratulate the Year 12 Class of 2021 for finishing their secondary education journey at John Paul College.

Although this cohort has unfortunately experienced an unprecedented final two years, the College is extremely proud of how they have conducted themselves through such challenging circumstances. We hope each student enjoyed their final day celebrating and reminiscing on their 6 year journey with JPC. The final day commenced with celebratory pastoral morning sessions, followed by scheduled class time. Lunch time was a joyous occasion in which students were treated to a delicious array of food. Students alongside their teachers and House coordinators enjoyed their lunch in the sun. The final day concluded with a virtual Liturgy and presentation which was live streamed from the staff room to each of the four House rooms. Students were cheered and applauded as the left the College and ventured under the JPC balloon arch.

The College wishes each Year 12 student all the very best and cannot wait to see what the future holds for these resilient individuals.

We invite our College community to watch a recording of the Year 12 Final Day Liturgy and the Year 12 Video.


Class of 2021 video 


Final Day Liturgy 


Final Day Gallery


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