Applications for Altitude, Semester Two 2020 are now open!

Calling all Years 7-10 students interested in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) and Project Based Learning, applications for the Altitude program are now open for semester two!

The Altitude program sees students from different year levels solve issues/dilemmas in society or around the school - it could be sustainability, space or even designing and building helper-robots! 

Students participating in the program are given the freedom to choose projects based on their interests and talents, and explore ideas to a greater depth than is possible in other school settings. 

The program will also provide students with the opportunity to learn about emerging technologies that may shape their future careers. With technological innovations changing everyday life, STEAM-related occupations are growing significantly faster than non-STEAM jobs (Department of Education, Skills & Employment, 2019). In addition to being in demand, STEAM graduates also have higher starting salaries than the national average (Good Education Group, 2016). 

This semester’s Altitude students selected sustainability as an area of focus. Saddened that the homes of many local native species including possums, bats and birds were destroyed in the recent bushfires, they have decided to make a difference by designing and building nest boxes.

The research and design process will include deciding on a suitable colour, style, shape, and size for the different animals that may use them. Then they will build the boxes from scratch using laser cutting equipment and other tools.



If you are interested in applying for the Semester Two Altitude Program submit your application to Ms Jarrett by Friday 26 June.

Application Form 

For more information, please speak to Ms Jarrett, Mr Lambert or Rayne Andersen.