2022 VCE Highlights and Results

2022 VCE Highlights and Results

The John Paul College community commends all our students from the Class of 2022 for successfully completing their VCE and VCAL studies. Our students have shown great dedication and commitment to their studies and we hope every student is content with their final year results and is looking forward to their journey after JPC. 

2022 DUX

The College is proud to announce our Dux for 2022, Cameron Puls. 

Cameron achieved an outstanding ATAR of 97.60 and is hoping to continue his studies in Engineering at Monash University in 2023. Well done Cameron for an incredible effort, your resilience, diligence, and drive to succeed is inspiring.

We sat down with Cameron and talked a bit more about what it means for him to be the Dux of 2022 and how he achieved this, here is what he had to say;

What does it mean to you to be DUX?
Being the Dux of 2022 is incredibly important to me. Throughout my junior years I would see other Year 12 students receiving the Dux award and it was something I wanted to achieve for myself. It also felt like it was an impossible thing to achieve so it motivated me to put in more effort and work harder to achieve this. It feels fantastic to know that my hard work and dedication over the years has finally paid off.

How are you feeling about this incredible achievment?
I feel extremely happy not only for myself but for every other student that received the score they wanted and are able to get into the course they would like. I had in mind the score I would have liked to receive, and it exceeded my expectations, so it really is a great feeling.

What would you like to say to the Year 12s of 2023?
My advice would be to utilise your teachers. They are all there to help you and want to see you succeed, so putting in a little extra effort with your teachers goes a long way. I also think studying with other people has some great advantages. The group of students I studied with both in the classroom and after school have all done well on their VCE studies and I believe a big part of that comes from us pushing each other to be better.

What did you have to do to receive the Dux award?
Very early on I had some fantastic teachers including Mr Bucca who taught me ways to study effectively and work ahead so I could complete lots of practise exams. This meant putting in a lot of extra work both after school and on school holidays and following a study schedule for each of my subjects. I found this beneficial as it allowed me to learn the content at my own pace, without rushing so I could really understand the content and do well.

Was your goal all along to be DUX?
I never planned or intended to be the Dux of 2022. My goal was always to do the best I could and achieve the score I needed to get into the course i wanted, so it feels incredibly rewarding to also be receiving the Dux award.  

Congratulations to all Year 12 students for completing their studies, the College is incredibly proud of every student from the Class of 2022 and we congratulate you on an incredible achievement!

2022 VCE Results

  • 21 study stores above 40.
  • 10.96% of students recieved an ATAR of 90+.
  • Highest ATAR - 97.60 (DUX)
  • Study Scores over 40 were achieved in 12 different subjects.

Exceptionally high scores were achieved across multiple learning areas and subjects including Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, English, Further Mathematics, Health & Human Development, Legal Studies, Outdoor & Environmental Studies, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology and Visual Communication & Design.  

The College is immensely proud of our students for not only achieving amazing results but for epitomising the College’s core values of Perseverance and Courage through their commitment to learning and being the best they can be, both in their final year of study and throughout their whole JPC journey. 

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