Principal's Desk - Thursday 18 May, Edition 3, Term 2

Term 2 started with the joyous sight of students and staff being able to enter and use the new senior learning building: the Chaminade Centre. It has been a long road to get to this point and there have been a number of obstacles along the way including: ground water, asbestos found in redundant pipes, workforce shortages due to COVID, a failed hot water cylinder and a myriad of other small impediments that have in turn frustrated and delayed the planned opening of the Centre. Perhaps those delays and the build up of expectation that has occurred as we have watched the ongoing works, has led to the almost overwhelming feelings of gratitude and joy that have accompanied these first few days of using these spaces.

Student Spotlight - Brielle, Year 12

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be and why?

I would say passionate. I like to put 100% into everything I do both at school and outside of school. I am very passionate about music and like to do what I can to succeed in that.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I'm very passionate about music so in my spare time I love to sing and play a range of different instruments. I also use to do Cheer, so I enjoy tumbling and taking part in that when I get time. Cheer is definitely something I would like to do more of at University next year.

Important information for the commencement of Term 2

Locker Allocations and Locks
On the first day of Term 2 (Wednesday 26 April), we will reassign lockers to most students as a result of the new learning building opening. In particular this will affect Year 7 – 9 students and some year 11 students. Details on how these changes will occur will be sent out via daily messages.

We are moving lockers around to spread out congestion in a few areas and ensure that House and Pastoral Groups have their lockers located in one area.

We have also noticed a number of students do not have locks on their lockers. This leads to the potential for personal items to be lost or even stolen. Students who do not have locks to secure their locker will be charged $15.00 for the purchase of a lock. This charge will be added to student fees.

There are a number of uniform changes for Terms 2 and 3 that I ask you to discuss with your child. Whilst either Summer or Winter Uniform can still be worn, the blazer must always be the outer garment when travelling to and from school except when sport uniform is worn. The blazer must also be worn to morning homeroom sessions and formal school occasions such as assemblies. As it becomes colder, I also remind families that students who present in non-approved uniform items will be asked to remove them. The full uniform policy including sanctions for inappropriate uniform is located on the College website and in the Student Planner on pages 24 – 27.

By now, many families will be used to looking at their PAM Accounts to see the recording of minor incidents and commendations. Minor/Major Incidents occur when students do not comply to the expected standards determined by the College. These incidents are graded according to their severity. Commendations occur when students have gone above and beyond the expectations of ‘Respect, Responsibility and Relationship.’ These expectations are outlined within the matrix attached. This matrix is also visible in every classroom and in the student planners.

Subject Numbers at Year 11 and 12
In recent weeks, a number of Year 11 and 12 students have made requests to drop subjects. Whilst every situation will be considered individually, the expectations are:

• All Year 11 VCE students will study 6 subjects and Religious Education
• All Year 12 students will study 5 subjects and Religious Education
Ultimately, the decision around a reduction of subjects will focus on the best interests of the student, keeping in mind their career pathways and their general health and wellbeing.
Early Sign out for Year 12 students
From the commencement of Term 2, Year 12 students who have study sessions in Period 6 or Periods 5 and 6 may sign out early once approval has been given by parents. In the coming days, parents of Year 12 students will be asked to consent to this early sign out. It is important to note that if signing out due to a double study in Periods 5 and 6, students may sign out from the commencement of lunchtime (12:25pm.) Please note that Year 12 students are not permitted to sign out early on Thursdays as this time is reserved for involvement in Senior Sport and the rescheduling of SACs.
Updating of Personal Details
To ensure that we provide your child with the very best of care I ask that you regularly update your child’s profile in PAM to ensure that personal details are accurate. In particular, it is helpful to know if there are any new medical concerns or if personal details (emails, phone etc) have changed in any way.
Holidays during Term
I remind parents that if you plan on taking holidays during school terms, you need to contact the Principal’s office directly. The period of absence is recorded as “unapproved school absence” and will come off your child’s attendance figures. This is in accordance with the attendance guidelines mandated to us through both MACS and the Department of Education. We also encourage families, where possible, to ensure that school time is protected and not routinely used for holidays.
Are you really helping?
As parents of young adults we all share one common wish – that is to provide love, support and care for our children. We often see the parents’ role as an advocate for them to help, protect and nurture. In some cases, this can lead to communication with the College which may not in fact be helpful.
Navigating a way through adolescent life can be challening and as a College we believe in the need to develop resilience, independence and an understanding that sometimes we need to accept decisions and outcomes that we may not like. On occassions, we should, as parents, allow our children to work through these issues with a clear understanding that all we do at John Paul College is focussed on the students and their needs – even when at times, this may not appear to be the case.
As a College we encourage parents to become involved with the school and their childrens’ education and we support regular dialogue. However the dialogue must always be respectful and appropriate. Aggressive email or phone conversations only serves to damage the relationship which is so important for your child’s success.
Craig Judkins
Deputy Principal Wellbeing

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The John Paul College community promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children.