Stewart Centre for Individual Learning

The Stewart Centre for Individual Learning at John Paul College provides a support service for all students in our community from Years 7 to 12.

Each student has their own particular learning needs, which can range from intellectual, social and emotional to motivational, time management and organisational issues.  Stewart Centre staff recognise, accept and appreciate these individual differences. The Stewart Centre facilitates the development and implementation of inclusive curriculum practices which promote fairness and equity for all students. In collaboration with teaching staff we adapt curriculum to provide achievable and relevant educational experiences for students.

We also work closely with members of the Student Wellbeing team to deliver pastoral care designed to assist students to achieve positive learning outcomes.

Discover the College's Stewart Centre for Individual Learning

Features of the Stewart Centre for Individual Learning include:

  • Supportive, friendly, experienced Special Education Teachers and Learning Support Officers, committed to the provision of excellence
  • A warm, welcoming atmosphere in a bright and airy classroom
  • A quiet, calm and supportive environment
  • Modern, well-resourced facilities - Interactive whiteboard, flexible learning areas, Juno speakers to assist hearing impaired students, a sensory withdrawal room, and an abundance of supplementary and alternative curriculum resources catering for the needs of students across the academic spectrum
  • Provision of individual attention for each student

How does the Stewart Centre for Individual Learning support students?

  • In-class support with a Learning Support Officer
  • Withdrawal programs in the Stewart Centre
  • Intervention strategies for students with learning disabilities
  • Homework Club
  • Lunchtime activities
  • Research skill development
  • Individual tutoring
  • Literacy skills development
  • Individual numeracy support
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) support
  • Time management, personal organisation and study skills
  • Development of self-esteem and positive thinking
  • Enrichment and extension


Kathie Holmes
Head of Stewart Centre
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