Middle School

Learning Middle School

The middle school classes at John Paul College cover Years 7, 8 and 9. Over these three years, students embark on a learning journey that includes the:

Year 7 and 8 students study a wide range of subjects for the whole year including Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Italian and Physical Education.  Students also undertake semester based subjects including Digital Technologies, Food Studies, Health, Music, Product Design and Technology, Studio Arts, Theatre Studies and Visual Communication Design.

Year 9 students study a combination of core and elective units.  The core units are Religious Education, English, Mathematics (Advanced, Core or Consolidation), History, Science, iFocus and Health.  Students elect six semester based elective units from the various learning areas:

The Arts

  • Media
  • Music Industry and Performance
  • Studio Arts
  • Theatre Studies
  • Visual Communication Design

Health and Physical Education

  • Game Sense and the Human Body
  • Sport and Skill Analysis


  • Food Studies
  • Product Design and Technology
  • Textiles



English and Language

  • Extension through Writing
  • Italian  *Italian counts as 2 elective units as it is studied all year

The Humanities

  • Financial Literacy
  • Geography
  • Travel and Tourism


  • Digital Technologies



Year 9 students who consistently achieve high academic results and demonstrate excellent work habits have the opportunity to study a VCE Unit 1 and 2 subject in Year 10.  Entry requirements, based on Year 9 semester one results, include:

  • an overall result of at least 80% in English
  • an average overall result of at least 75% across all subjects
  • work habits averaging 4 or more across all subjects
  • exemplary record of submission of work


Download the Year 9 Curriculum Handbook 2021

Download the Year 9 Curriculum Handbook 2020