Learning and Teaching Vision

John Paul College is proud to have a vision for Learning and Teaching. This innovative document presents our aim and purpose for learning as a school, from Years 7 - Year 12.

Our vision for learning was created through staff, student, and parent feedback.  The vision created supports our teachers and students to work with a unified set of values and beliefs which will drive the development of improving student outcomes and the learning experience for all our students.  

Our vision acts as a frame of reference that also ensures our teachers evaluate their current practice.   The new professional learning model at John Paul College, also aligns with our Elements for Learning to ensure teachers are actively incorporating the vision into our classrooms each day.


Our vision comprises of a number of statements which reflects the colleges collective values surround learning.  Our vision states that we believe Learning is not just about knowledge and content, but growth. This includes emotional and intellectual growth, to ensure all our students can thrive to be their best self. The Vision is organised around three elements for learning: Knowledge, Capabilities and Self.  These elements describe the key behaviours and skills that our students will develop both in and out of the classroom to become successful learners.  The three Elements combine to highlight the importance of a wholistic education for students at John Paul College. Finally, we believe in delivering our Learning and Teaching programs in a culture of high expectations, to encourage and show our students that they can achieve and succeed.


Elements for Learning   


Learning and Teaching Vision  


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