This year proved to be equally as challenging for our little Ngargee Community. We were quickly reminded about the challenges all The Arts face when the entire nation is combating a global pandemic. Despite this, our wonderful community have rallied together to create this website that will help us all celebrate our student’s achievements throughout the year.

Our amazing Visual Arts Students have created amazing pieces of work that are on display throughout the website. I would love to encourage you to explore some of the creations our students have made before and during our lockdowns. Our Performing Arts students have been able to embrace our digital medium this year to showcase a wider range of performance styles than what would have been available in a live performance. There is a song for every situation performed by our middle and senior school students as they navigate the challenges of recording performances from home!

So please, take the time to explore the website and help the JPC community celebrate the Virtual Arts. We hope that you all enjoy what our wonderful students have created and know that the Ngargee Family will be back again in 2022. 

Kevin Nguyen, Arts Coordinator